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DS3 Price Trends

Written by - Patrick Shmidt, Senior Editor

Like many telecoms services DS3 costs (typically understood at T3) have been falling for the last couple of years. This is because of a number of factors. Competitors has been heating up since deregulation in 1996. The number of business using service has blown up. With more competitors in the market service providers need to lower their rates to attract customer and keep them from going to competitors. Provider are desperate to keep margins but much more desperate to keep including consumers. This competitive arena has produced a purchasers market for DS3 lines and prices is as beneficial as it has actually ever been!

The soft economy and crash of the stock exchange has also contributed to the reduction in ds3 cost. Considering that the peak of the market in 1999 many business have actually failed and no longer need service. This indicates there's a smaller pie readily available and there are plenty of telecom companies aiming to get their share. When once again, the buyer is in control and can go shopping up until she or he discovers the price that is best for them.

A final factor for the decrease in DS3 prices is the fact that devices expenses and the expense of supplying the bandwidth have reduced. This suggests that business can supply the bandwidth at a lower expense. As bandwidth use continues to increase as a result of bandwidth starving applications like video as needed and graphic heavy applications the rate of bandwidth will continue to drop. The only element that seems likely to hinder rates from falling much even more is the "last mile" or the connection from the users facility to the provider' POP (Point of Presence), but we'll save this problem for another post. Up until then, delight in those economical DS3's and all the best discovering a cost that's right for you!

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