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About Us
Who We Are is a leading discount broadband telecommunications broker. We provide you an online telecommunications marketplace, which is the result of the cumulative efforts of independent T1 agents and customers from all over the world who seek real-time T1 and DS3 price quoting. It took a team of expert programmers months of research, experimentation, and over $1M in funding to create GeoQuote. That investment is now paying huge dividends; the days of having to contact a myriad of companies and then wait days or even weeks for them to send you back a price quote are now a thing of the past.

What We Do
Although GeoQuote is used primarily as a good faith price estimate tool, behind it is a team of T1 service experts that are ready to help. Just minutes after you submit your information to obtain a price quote, one of our trained and experienced T1 consultants will contact you to discuss your situation, analyze your needs, and give you the unbiased research that you deserve. Making an informed decision will be easy and quick with our revolutionary new T1 shopping system.

Where We're Going
Our T1 experts continue in their commitment to bring to the best T1 pricing tools available. A team of programmers remains in constant contact with our T1 providers to update rates, coverage area, and specials/promotions. You can rest assured that we will be here for you during all phases of service, from the decision making process, the application and credit approval process, the installation process, all the way through to the end of your contract and eventual renewal of your service. We are committed to you in every aspect of the customer relationship.

If you need to contact us for any reason, please, don't hesitate to call or email us at your earliest convenience. We will do all in our capacity to respond to your inquiry immediately.

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